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Tefal GV9610 8 Bar Pro Express Ultimate + High Pressure Steam Generator Black

  • More power*: With 8 bars of pressure, a continuous steam output of up to 180g/min and a steam boost of up to 650g/min, this Tefal steam generator iron ensures fast and flawless results, effortlessly.
  • Double protection**: The Protect System prevents stains, while our removable Scale Collector captures up to 10 times more scale particles*** for lasting steam power and easy crease removal.
  • Easier ironing: Iron in comfort thanks to noise-reducing technology and a lighter* iron. And, with 33% more glide, **** the ultra-thin Durilium Air glide Auto clean soleplate means ironing takes less effort.
  • Risk-free results: Six settings – five on the handle – ensure the perfect combination of steam and heat for each fabric. There’s also an automatic Smart Steam function for easier ironing and faster results.
  • Ultimate convenience: Pro Express Ultimate [+] has an XL 1.9L removable tank for easy refilling and non-stop ironing, plus a carry lock that locks the iron to the base for safe and secure transportation.

Tefal New Express SV8055 6.5 Bar Steam Generator No Boiler


The powerful long-lasting steam generator iron

The Express anti-calc steam generator iron brings together an advanced maintenance system with outstanding steam power that's ideal for any fabric, delivering fast and easy results with a performance that was built to last. A new removable calc collector makes maintenance effortless and ensures longer product life with peak efficiency. A continuous steam output of 120 g/minute comes together with 6.5-bar pump pressure for faster ironing sessions, while the raw power of a 450 g/minute steam boost smoothes out even the most stubborn creases. Featuring the smooth glide of the Durilium AirGlide soleplate, this easy-to-use steam station provides advanced features and accessories designed for maximum convenience, including a door hook and protective steaming glove. Last but not least, there is a silent pump technology to allow you peaceful ironing sessions.

Tefal Steam Iron Easy Gliss 2500 watt

Super fast glide . Powerful steam . The Easygliss Plus iron with Durilium Airglide sole technology irones easily and efficiently on all fabrics and maximizes steam distribution throughout the sole. The increased power of 2,500 W heats up quickly and maintains a constant steam of up to 45 g / min for instant wrinkle removal and an extra powerful steam boost of up to 195 g / min for stubborn wrinkles.

Tefal Steam Iron Easy Gliss Plus 2500 watt

The fastest glide . Higher steam performance . Easygliss Plus is equipped with the Tefal Durilium Airglide Technology soleplate for flawless glide and higher steam power to make ironing easier and more efficient every day. 2500W of power ensures a quick start-up time, with a 45 g/minute continuous steam output for quick results and an extra-powerful 195 g/minute steam boost to tackle stubborn creases.

Tefal Steam Station Express 6,2 Bar

Express ironing. High-performance results. • Faster ironing thanks to double the steam* and best-in-glide** soleplate • First steam generator iron with patented Scale Collector for lasting steam power • Vertical steam-ready in 30 seconds – ideal for last-minute touch-ups • With 1.8L removable water tank, plus built-in cord storage and easy-carry lock *Compared to a standard steam iron **External test on coatings; +33% more glide versus previous range

Tefal Steam Station Express Easy 6 Bar

Reduce your ironing time by up to 30%* Express Easy Steam Generator is the perfect mix of fast ironing performance and outstanding convenience. Express Easy works faster than a traditional steam iron due to its powerful steam performance. It all comes with a big removable water tank of 1.7L to avoid constant refills for hassle-free steaming sessions.

Tefal Steam Station Express Pro 7,5 Bar

Ultra-powerful and safe high pressure steam generator iron for a professional finish Efficient: Achieve professional-grade efficiency with pressurised steam Safe: Iron everything from denim to silk without changing any settings Protected: Prevent stains and scale with a double protection system Simple: Enjoy effortless sessions with our best glide and removable tank

Tefal Steam Station Pro Express 8 Bar

Professional efficiency for ultimate garment care Meet your new ironing weapon for ultimate results, fast. The Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9580 high pressure steam generator iron features new boiler technology for high-efficiency ironing. Up to 8 bars of high-pressure steam delivers a powerful 180g/min continuous steam for faster, easier ironing and flawless results, while the 600g/min steam boost makes light work of heavy creases. This exceptional steam power combines with exclusive double protection* to keep your clothes looking their best: our Protect System converts water droplets into steam to prevent stains, while the Scale Collector captures up to 10 x more particles** to maintain long-lasting steam performance for effortless crease removal. Slim and lightweight, the iron itself is incredibly comfortable to handle. The ultra-thin Durilium Airglide Autoclean soleplate gives you 33% more glide***, plus optimal steam diffusion for effortless high-efficiency ironing, while our Autoclean catalytic coating keeps it stain free and in prime condition over time. Smart Technology makes it easy to achieve outstanding ironing results. Four ironing settings on the handle put the optimal combination of heat and steam for each fabric directly at your fingertips for direct control and even easier ironing. There's also an XL 1.9L removable water tank that's refillable at any time and allows up to 3.5 hours of ironing****, plus easy-carry lock for safe transportation. And, thanks to its combination of temperature and steam pressure, Pro Express Ultimate GV9580 sanitizes, killing up to 99.99% of bacteria on all ironable fabrics.

Tefal Steam Station Pro Express Ultimate 8 Bar

Professional Technology for Ultimate Results With an impressive 8 bar pressure, this premium appliance pumps out up to 120g of continuous steam a minute for a crease-free finish in less time and with less effort. Double Protection Pro Express Ultimate also features the exclusive double protection system. This clever creation prevents stains during ironing and makes descaling a breeze. It’s the smart way to look after your clothes and your appliance. Complete Convenience Ultra-light and comfortable to use, Pro Express Ultimate is packed with features to make ironing easy. Like Tefal’s most glideable soleplate* for fast and effortless ironing, intuitive controls to ensure the optimal balance of heat and steam for each fabric. *+33% more glide compared to previous Durilium generation; external test on coatings.  

TEFAL GV9560E0 (7.3 Bar) Steam Generator

PROFESSIONAL EFFICIENCY FOR ULTIMATE GARMENT CARE Pro Express Ultimate puts professional efficiency in the palm of your hand, with exceptional results for even the most demanding garment care needs. This easy-to-use high pressure steam generator iron produces shorter ironing sessions and peak efficiency through combining new high pressure boiler technology with a continuous steam output of up to 150 g/minute, while the intense power of a 480 g/minute steam boost tackles even the most stubborn creases. The exclusive double protection system lets you iron in total peace of mind, with the anti-drip Protect System keeping your garments stain-free and the anti-calc system ensuring long-lasting performance. With a wide variety of enhanced features, Pro Express Ultimate delivers ultimate efficiency through the power of high pressure steam.

Tefal FV4980M0 Steam Iron

Absolute protection, ultra easy ironing. Equipped with Smart Technology, Smart Protect provides one perfect combination of temperature and steam for absolute garment protection and worry-free ironing. This simple to use steam iron requires no setting, and provides risk-free ironing results on all ironable fabrics, from tough materials to delicate garments. Ease and protection is matched by performance and very good results. The Durilium AirGlide® Technology* ensures the best glide and high-efficiency results, with active steam holes at the tip, sides and even the center of the soleplate for maximum steam distribution. With an anti-drip function to avoid water stain, a smart auto-off function for extra safety, an energy-saving setting that reduces energy use by 20%**, and more, Smart Protect delivers very good ironing results with absolute ease. *External test on coatings ** -20% compared with energy consumption at maximum output level.