The crispiest with 99% less added fat* by Tefal With the Actifry Extra air fryer by Tefal, the crispiest* results are just one step away! Prepare even, crispy fried foods without a second thought, thanks to smart temperature regulation, high-speed airflow and the exclusive Actifry paddle. Plus, with 99% less fat added**, frying is a whole lot healthier! Featuring a large capacity for the whole family and an endless range of tasty recipe ideas via the app, Actifry Extra is the electric air fryer that will change the way you fry.


Become a genius in the kitchen. This is Frying Reimagined. If you’re looking for a brilliant air fryer that’s going to give you tasty, crispy, healthy food, you’re in the right place. Tefal is one of the UK’s No.1 air fryer brand. The unique Actifry paddle stirs your food for you. So you don’t have to mess about shaking a basket to get a nice even fry. Plus, it does more than just chips and nuggets. You can cook saucy meals too. It’s easy to fry in those delicious flavours first with barely a drop of oil. Then add a sauce for a delicious one pot cook that’s big enough for the whole family. Tefal Actifry Genius+ goes even further with 9 intelligent auto programmes for a wide variety of popular foods. Each one controls temperature and stirring levels throughout the cook for the very best results. So you can press the button, walk away and come back to a delicious meal. No guessing, no checking, no hassle. If you’re stuck for inspiration, don’t worry there’s a free Tefal app with tons of recipes that have been created just for the ActiFry. Oh and when you’re done, you can just bung the pan and paddle in the dishwasher. Could mealtimes get any smarter?