About us

Homeways Ltd is a medium size business supplying homes for over 40 years now with high quality house-ware, kitchen-ware and garden products from all over Europe. The original company was founded in 1978 by Costas K. Koutsiofis. In 1993 the wholesale operations of the original company (Costas K. Koutsiofis Ltd) were taken over by Homeways Ltd, while the original company keeps handling to date the Retail Section of the business through three retail outlets. As of 1/1/2020, Homeways has become the exclusive Distributor of Lambis G. Constantinides Ltd, the sole Agents of Tefal and Pyrex.

Some of the most famous brands we import & distribute exclusively include Tefal & Pyrex from France, Sistema from New Zealand, Fackelman from Germany, etc., and through our on-line electronic shop at www.homeways.com we are aiming at providing our clientele with a special selection of our products at the best possible prices and service, delivering directly to your door and maintaining a 24 hour telephone service-line for supporting our clients in the use and maintenance of our products.

Our Promises

High Quality Products
Homeways is committed in offering high quality products to the best prices in the market. Our cooperation with know brands guarantees the fulfilment of this promise.

Competitive Prices
Homeways competes in an industry where price matters thus our promise is to keep the prices low. Visit our on-line store for an own verification.

Product Variety
With more than 4000 unique codes available, we give you options to choose what best suits you.

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